"How to stay on top" by Jason Poston

This is the video by japanese fitness youtuber “Kanekin Fitness”

He interviewed Jason Poston.

Jason Poston is one of the world’s top level  physique competiter.

“How to stay on top”


What is the most important thing to stay competitive , stay on top?

Jason Poston:

A lot of people don’t give 100%.
They don’t take it serious.
Some people are amatures.
They have a mindset like a amature.
They have a mindset like a beginner.


It’s those guys they act,train,eat,sleep,work like a pro.
It’s those guys live.
Maybe they don’t own their buisinesses now , but they work like it. work for.
Everyone says If you can dream it , you can achieve it.
It’s true. It’s very simple.


I go to bed every night dreaming about what I wanna accomplish later in this year.

The house I want.
The car I want.
The  money Iwant.
The vacation I want.
The show I want to win.
So I visualize.

Visualize and focus on the things I want in life.
And I refuse to have anyone work harder than me.

When I wake up , I might be tired.
You wanna skip a work day.
You wanna skip a set in a gym.
I start thinking what one of my competiter do.
what the best in the world do.
I wanna get there.

I think it’s a inner battle.
So people either have the inner fire and you to be the best or you don’t.
If you don’t have it , you need to have selftalk like “I don’t work as hard as I should.”